Mailing address & I.T.A.M.

Greetings… we out here in typerspace talk a lot about mailings; yet with International Typewriter Appreciation Month well under way, I’ve realized an embarrassing oversight–NO mailing address. (er, and I have noticed that many typecasting blogs also lack  or have hard-to-find  mailing addresses ) Let’s get those paper-based-non-email addresses up in a conspicuous place.

SO: here it is–

Michael McGettigan

627 S. 27th St.

Philadelphia PA 19123


3 responses to “Mailing address & I.T.A.M.

  1. Hi there, Michael,

    A friend linked me to you because of the synchronicity of our various loves. She thought you’d like to know about my upcoming Kickstarter project, Type Rider….see here for details:

    I’ll be making a number of stops in Pennsylvania…and looking to book some events near your area…any chance you might like to collaborate on something?


    Maya Stein

  2. Heather

    Drat. I missed the flea yesterday. I have an 11 year old who expressed a wish to type. Is there a way we can set this child up?

  3. Ellen Dupont

    Hi Matt,
    I am doing a book about typewriters and would like to use a photo of one of your type-ins. Would that be possible? Can you email me?
    thanks so much.
    Ellen Dupont

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