SAVE THE DATE: May 16th Philly Type-IN (exclamation point)

Pretzel Park will catch the clack clique on May 16th.

Pretzel Park will catch the clack clique on May 16th.

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Farewell to Colleen McCullough–she typed every word


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Graphic (novel) Content

Was shopping for something completely different at Fat Jack’s Comicrypt and found this here comic– a good story, though not much typewriter content inside. Who cares? Cover is great… can anyone help with ID’ing the machine?


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Last Publetter of 2014! Scratched out inside Bridgewaters Pub-at 30th Street Station Philadelphia


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A parcel has… raised my concerns

Typewriter Insurgency

“There is a box, with a bird’s head sticking out of it,” came the message from the guys at Trophy Bikes.  I’m the owner and the box stops with me.  When I saw the note tucked inside, I couldn’t ignore the situation: the Typewriter Insurgency had found me; it was time to get clacking. 2 B Continued….


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Wi nd i n g D o w n


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November 6, 2014 · 5:46 pm

Have you heard about PUBLETTERS ?

We are also involved in an even more analog event that you may not have heard about–it’s called Publetters. It simply involves going to a pub, getting some nice paper, writing a letter and placing it in an envelope; then we hand you a stamp. Repeat as desired. Next one is Nov. 11th in Philadelphia at Paddy’s Pub 228 Race St. More details right here:  It’s sponsored by Trophy Bikes (we bring the stamps, pens and a “cheat sheet” of addresses for all sorts of people) and Casa Papel (They bring really nice paper and envelopes).  It’s Free, of course; just bring words.

We will be at Paddy's every Tuesday in November, 7-9 p.m. Bring your words!

We will be at Paddy’s every Tuesday in November, 7-9 p.m. Bring your words!


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