A word from our sponsor

So, when not typing–what exactly gets done around here? Working at Trophy Bikes–one of the city’s reliable shops for commuting and touring bicycles, parts, accessories and service. We sell a lot of fixies and single speeds as well, and can declare that we have the best selection of folding bikes in the region.

We’ve recently moved our entire operation to a big, bright storefront in  the Northern Liberties section of Philadelphia, 712 N. 2nd St.

We’re open 8am-7pm weekdays, 10-5 sat/sun.

a bit more data at www.trophybikes.com

thanks for reading this… do stop by when you’ve got a moment (or a flat!)


3 responses to “A word from our sponsor

  1. Is this you Michael McGettigan? If so….Hip Hip Hooray! I was wondering when you were gonna get on that old typewriter of yours. Happy New Year old friend!

  2. Do you guys buy old typewriters..I have a couple, including two Brother electronics and a couple of Smith Carona portables????Love to see them find good homes instead of the bottom of a closet in my house

    • Greetings and so sorry for the delay in writing–in real life, I work at Trophy Bikes and this was the busy season! Electronics are out of my league…and while most people I know are more into the mechanicals, it’s just possible that the electronics may be sliding into “vintage” territory and arousing nostalgia in some. If you wish to sell, perhaps check with Brian Kravitz– Philly Typewriter Repair (215-992-3230) cheers, Michael McGettigan.

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