Twilight of the typewriter…

Typewriters didn’t  wipe out pencil and notebook. MP3s have yet to wipe out the vinyl record. Will the utter convenience of computers wipe out typewriting?

And would this be a loss? Thus far, I’ve observed that typing on a manual typewriter results in a different kind of writing. Is it different enough to matter?

There’s probably no way to prove this phenom, without tracking identical twin novelists through life.

In the meantime, the plan for this guy is to type  a bit, in and out of home, regularly, and see what happens. Secondary to that plan is trying to avoid ending up with a typewriter collection; this means making opinionated decisions about  what machines feel “right” to type on.

There’s no official help desk for manual typewriters… though there are various self-help and expertise groups–ironically online, for the most part. It’s still probably better to have a 40-year old typewriter than a 6-year-old computer!

As various artsy-craftsy solutions occur, will post them in TYPECRAFTING.

Biggest current news–SON of Type-IN–2nd annual jam session for manual typewriters, coming on Saturday, Dec. 10. Details here.


3 responses to “Twilight of the typewriter…

  1. Joseph Tether

    I’m writing on behalf of a 75+ year old friend, John Gregg, who owns numerous manual typewriters but has no computer. He would like to write to Mr. McGettigan (on a typewriter, of course) and seek some information. Would you be kind enough to provide a physical address for Mr. McGettigan and/or a phone #?

    Thank you

  2. Bruce Dunning

    Just thought you might like this story, told to me by an executive of the Newseum (the Gannett-sponsored museum of news in Washington DC): A group of grade school kids is being given a tour of the Newseum. They are shown an upright office typewriter (Royal? Underwood?) and told that this is a typewriter and reporters used to write their stories on machines like this. “Cool,” says one kid, “but where’s the delete key?”

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