TIME CHANGE for PHILLY Type-IN ! — Sat., 25 October, gather at 2:30 p.m.

The 215 FESTIVAL is the East Coast’s liveliest literary gathering.  They’ve invited us to have a Type-IN for the 2014 Edition. 
The new location is great–THE SHAMBLES — a covered series of arches in Headhouse Square,
2nd & Pine Sts, in historic downtown Philadelphia. 
FREE. Bring one typewriter to use, maybe another to swap. There will be a typing speed competition, with chintzy prizes TyperHaiku, and a ransom note slam, plus other surprises.
The Type-IN starts at 3 p.m. , please be there by 2:30, as we have to set up on time!  After our hour in the spotlight, we will retire to a nearby pub for more typing and a typewriter swap. YOU REALLY WANT TO  ARRIVE ON FRIDAY OR SATURDAY AND CHECK OUT OTHER ELEMENTS OF THE 215 FEST.  Find more info at www215festival.org 




4 responses to “TIME CHANGE for PHILLY Type-IN ! — Sat., 25 October, gather at 2:30 p.m.

  1. Ha! this is just my way of getting the Type-IN date up at the top of the page…. since WordPress resists me like a borrowed mule, or at least what I imagine that might be like.

  2. I’ll be there with 4 of my typewriters:
    – Royal Portable Model P (1930)
    – Adler Favorit (Thrust Action) (1936)
    – Remington Bantam (colored keys) (1938)
    – (For Sale/Trade) Royal Quiet De Luxe (1948)

  3. Nick

    Hey Y’all, I live in Center City Philadelphia and I am looking to purchase a typewriter to write letters to my friends and family. I have never owned one before and I don’t want to spend a bunch of money (I’m a broke college student). Can any of you point me in the direction of a place in Philly that sells typewriters?
    – Nick

    • Greetings and sorry for missing yr message. 1) You can find used typewriters like crazy on craigslist and at Jinxed, etc. BUT 60% of them are not good buys… (damaged/super hard rollers/bad model of typewriter, etc.) MY ADVICE: spend a little more and go to PHILLY TYPEWRITER… on Passyunk Ave in S. Phllly and get a machine that is serviced, with a new ribbon and so on, with a warranty. Too many people say, I tried manual typewriting but it was horrible–then it turns out they were using a machine that didn’t work right, OR one they didn’t like. The cool thing about Philly Typewriter is you can try 4 or 8 machines in great shape… and compare and see which you like. My icons (to compare other typewriters against) are: compact: Olivetti Letter 32. Med: Olympia SM9. Large: Royal KMM or KHM or Olympia SG1. These are all real writer’s machines, that you could write books on! Other questions, email me at michaelmcgettigan@mac.com

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