Mailing address & I.T.A.M.

Greetings… we out here in typerspace talk a lot about mailings; yet with International Typewriter Appreciation Month well under way, I’ve realized an embarrassing oversight–NO mailing address. (er, and I have noticed that many typecasting blogs also lack  or have hard-to-find  mailing addresses ) Let’s get those paper-based-non-email addresses up in a conspicuous place.

SO: here it is–

Michael McGettigan

627 S. 27th St.

Philadelphia PA 19123



6 responses to “Mailing address & I.T.A.M.

  1. Hi there, Michael,

    A friend linked me to you because of the synchronicity of our various loves. She thought you’d like to know about my upcoming Kickstarter project, Type Rider….see here for details:

    I’ll be making a number of stops in Pennsylvania…and looking to book some events near your area…any chance you might like to collaborate on something?


    Maya Stein

  2. Heather

    Drat. I missed the flea yesterday. I have an 11 year old who expressed a wish to type. Is there a way we can set this child up?

  3. Ellen Dupont

    Hi Matt,
    I am doing a book about typewriters and would like to use a photo of one of your type-ins. Would that be possible? Can you email me?
    thanks so much.
    Ellen Dupont

  4. Julie Dodge

    Hi Michael – I just found an Olivetti Lettera 32 cursive at the Goodwill. It’s in great shape. Soft case – also in great shape. No literature however – just a fresh stack of typing paper!) I’m not sure how to find out what year it was made based on the serial number.
    Also – if I sell it – I’m not sure how much I should ask for it.
    Any thoughts?
    Thanks – Julie

    • Hmm, well, I have only paid more than $100 for a Lettera 32, and that one had a new platen on it. but… yours is script (the official word, not cursive, in case you run into typewriter experts–not me)… which makes it a bit rare compared to the average L32, of which there are many. On ebay, there are about a dozen L32s from $50 to $150 and a handful above it, including one for $999, which is truly optimistic or just dishonest. If I had such a machine in front of me AND the platen was not rock hard, I would probably pay $150 (except at the holidays as my money is being Hoovered (or Dysoned?) away. Others might pay more. Odd note: the script typeface will attract a few people strongly, and actually be avoided by many… as it’s too “different” for some. Do you use it, will you use it? Before you just sell it, type some letters and grocery lists etc. on it to see if you “bond” with it, ha. For dating your machine, try this website– cheers
      — Michael McGettigan / philadelphia

  5. Julie Dodge

    It’s a lovely, stylish little machine – so I think I will take your advice and live with it for a while.
    By the way – what is a platen – and can a “lay person” check it to see if it is too hard?
    P.S. Thanks for your thorough response … Much appreciated!

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