Scrap Typewriter

Bought some neat film cases from JapanCameraHunter; wrapped in newspapers. The characters are unreadable; but I know a typewriter when I see one. Was going to say it could be a Royal KMG , but I have learned my lesson!


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Arthur Miller–Royal ty!

UM, on reflection, this typewriter looks sort of like a Royal KMG, don’t you agree?

From the NY TIMES: Very nice pic of Arthur Miller and his faithful word-printing machine which I think is an Olympia SM 3 (?) Wonder if Marilyn M. ever clacked out some notes on it?  


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First Mini-Bummer of 2016…

OK …better borrow the car and snag this one–   ” …A little dirty but works. (Non Crashable word processor, right??) These were the workhorse of every office for sure. $30 OBO. Would just hate to throw this thing away…. “   Contact seller and…..


OK, let’s see–ah, a reply….  “ I just found out my dad got rid of it.  He actually just threw it away. ”  2.5 thoughts: What the hey –the ad was just a week old.   Why dost thou torment me, typewriter gods?  Oh, and man, your dad must be one really strong dude if he can throw a Selectric II !


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Season One, episode 10

… Of Once Upon a Time … woman confronts hunky guy about the mysterious box he totes around on the back of his motorcycle. He shows her  —

 “I’m a… Writer…” He adds, a bit pretentiously; oh, that clears up everything — not really…of course the logo has been removed — any ideas on the make and model?  (confirmed as a REMINGTON ALL-NEW, ca. 1949  — Thanks Piotr & Don! — and of course, thanks to )  Wonder how the ad copy kids handled that model name, though? “Introducing the New, Remington All-New… it’s all new for you…” Um… Then they could bring back the Remington CLASSIC, like Coke did in that major marketing stumble.


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Weight on My Shoulder

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Typewriter Power leads to a tuff writer

Claire Vaye Watkins

This vintage comic pic of a guy getting clocked by a desk top–OW–led to a clear-eyed, cutting essay by author Claire Vaye Watkins about the writing world shaped mostly by white men, and its effects on a woman navigating it.


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No Keychoppers for Xmas!

It’s that gifty time of year when you have to remind friends and family — yes I do dig complete typewriters–hacked-off pieces of them, made into bracelets and cufflinks– not so much! “I know you love animals, so how about a  chopped-off rabbit’s foot?”– is a good conversation-starter, ha!

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