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Tap, Tap, Tappin’ on Heaven’s Door

From today’s NYT: Bob Dylan typing in a room above the Cafe Espresso in Woodstock NY. PHOTO: Douglas Gilbert. Typewriters figured heavily in Dylan’s work; songs had to be typed out for copyright filings, Bob’s notes showed he often refined even “final” typed copies. What machine is BD using here, I wonder?





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This great magazine’s publisher, John R. MacArthur, says Paper is Still Relevant–and he keeps a loaded typewriter on his desk! He also believes writers should be properly paid for their work and points out this doesn’t happen when everything is free. Obvious, but rarely said so well.  If you’re not a Harper’s subscriber–now’s the time. (of course JRM’s no fool–you can subscribe online Subscribe to Harpers )



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Gabriel Garcia Marquez, farewell

Today’s NYT has a slideshow on the magical realist writer, including a nice desk shot where he is using an unknown (to me, that is) typewriter.



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Forrest Whitaker stamps his heart onto the page(s)

–In one of a series of one-minute shorts — see it on the NYTimes site.

Is that a Royal?

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Okay, a nice story in the New York Times right now about the rebooting of typewriters…

Makes typing sound visionary, yet normal.

I’d better go down and type something!



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NYTimes puts a typewriter pic up….

Today’s Times (3/24/11) had an Olympia (SM 3?) on D1, front of the Home section, and sharing desk space with a MacBook inside… hmmm, looks a bit “proppy”, and no way to  tell if the West Village’s Mr. David Coggins typewrites or not. But better keys atop the desk than around the wrist, I always say!

Elsewhere, in Business, Times Personal Tech writer Sam Grobart ponders, “Ditch it or Keep It?” regarding digital jetsam (things purposefully thrown away to lighten a craft–or maybe a life).

His take:

LOSE: Desktop computer, point-and-shoot, camcorder, MP3 player, thumb  drive, GPS unit.


KEEP: Alarm clock, books. (Yay!)

Hmmm, nothing about my Sony TCM 5000 portable mono cassette recorder, as beloved by NPR correspondents. It weighs as much as three iPads, but has a tanklike quality and is very simple to use. Oh, and since it’s the size of a Webster’s (an ancient, paper-based dictionary), it’s impossible to misplace and functions as a doorstop/bookend between interviews. Keep!

(er, and buy 2 more, and trashpick a box of Maxell Cro II cassettes in perfect condition)


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