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Case Study REVEALED!

Ok, here are the machines inside each of those cases–from Left to Right:

SCM “Galaxy; SCM “Sterling”; Facit; Singer “Scholastic”; Royal “Model P”; Remington “Portable Model One”, Royal “Sahara.”

My sincere apologies for not getting a pic of these machines lined up… too busy yakking with Messrs. Ardito and Kruk.

HOWEVER… I think every one of these machines is up on Mr. Bryan Kruk’s Typewriters 101 page in the FOR SALE section. Click here to check them out! 


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Gabriel Garcia Marquez, farewell

Today’s NYT has a slideshow on the magical realist writer, including a nice desk shot where he is using an unknown (to me, that is) typewriter.



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Bob D., Joan B, Olympia SG

Er, for some reason never thought of this clip before… but there’s something neat about Dylan trying to get a lyric from notebook to typed page  (I think, you can see him sort of nodding his head to check if a line scans OK… ) while Baez warbles for the camera… each pursuing their path as single-mindedly as possible under the circumstances…. Looks like Joan is playing a Gibson… Thanks R. Polt, who says Dylan is strumming an Olympia SG1!


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No robot typeface, is a robot okay?

Along a busy road and train tracks, he stands, tall and eternally startled...


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