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Have you heard about PUBLETTERS ?

We are also involved in an even more analog event that you may not have heard about–it’s called Publetters. It simply involves going to a pub, getting some nice paper, writing a letter and placing it in an envelope; then we hand you a stamp. Repeat as desired. Next one is Nov. 11th in Philadelphia at Paddy’s Pub 228 Race St. More details right here: www.publetters.com  It’s sponsored by Trophy Bikes (we bring the stamps, pens and a “cheat sheet” of addresses for all sorts of people) and Casa Papel (They bring really nice paper and envelopes).  It’s Free, of course; just bring words.

We will be at Paddy's every Tuesday in November, 7-9 p.m. Bring your words!

We will be at Paddy’s every Tuesday in November, 7-9 p.m. Bring your words!



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Nice Essay from the bike world…

Like typewriters, bicycles need a human operator to complete the circuit… here’s a short essay from a fellow traveler — in an excellent newish publication called Bicycle Times.




— mcget


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Gabriel Garcia Marquez, farewell

Today’s NYT has a slideshow on the magical realist writer, including a nice desk shot where he is using an unknown (to me, that is) typewriter.



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New Year’s Resolution: get the DTs

SO… there’s the bad kind of DTs — the Delirium Tremens that comes when someone–in this case, Ray Milland in The Lost Weekend, tries to kick a (very) Bad Habit. Then there’s Daily Typing–the DT that I am considering making into a Good Habit. Any Daily Typers out there? What’s that like, knowing you’ll bang the keys every day?

Or anyone considering making a Daily Typing pledge for 2011?

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