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FFS Supergroup Uses Old Typewriter on their New Album

Franz Ferdinand meets Sparks and Music flies!

But the lads need some technology to center their album cover around–this vintage machine makes it happen.FFS and a typing machine--what kind?

As always, perhaps Richard P. or some others out there can help ID the handsome machine Ron’s playing here.  FFS on NPR



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SAVE THE DATE: May 16th Philly Type-IN (exclamation point)

Pretzel Park will catch the clack clique on May 16th.

Pretzel Park will catch the clack clique on May 16th.

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Bob D., Joan B, Olympia SG

Er, for some reason never thought of this clip before… but there’s something neat about Dylan trying to get a lyric from notebook to typed page  (I think, you can see him sort of nodding his head to check if a line scans OK… ) while Baez warbles for the camera… each pursuing their path as single-mindedly as possible under the circumstances…. Looks like Joan is playing a Gibson… Thanks R. Polt, who says Dylan is strumming an Olympia SG1!


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