Bob D., Joan B, Olympia SG

Er, for some reason never thought of this clip before… but there’s something neat about Dylan trying to get a lyric from notebook to typed page  (I think, you can see him sort of nodding his head to check if a line scans OK… ) while Baez warbles for the camera… each pursuing their path as single-mindedly as possible under the circumstances…. Looks like Joan is playing a Gibson… Thanks R. Polt, who says Dylan is strumming an Olympia SG1!



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5 responses to “Bob D., Joan B, Olympia SG

  1. Excellent, thanks for posting this! Olivetti, maybe?

  2. Bill M

    Neat! Never knew Dylan could type. I have no idea what typewriter he’s using.

  3. Fernando Antunes

    Great post! Great Bob Dylan!

  4. edricardoedlis

    Was the Olympia SG1 only in the UK, a borrowed typewriter?

    EDLIS Café

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