NYTimes puts a typewriter pic up….

Today’s Times (3/24/11) had an Olympia (SM 3?) on D1, front of the Home section, and sharing desk space with a MacBook inside… hmmm, looks a bit “proppy”, and no way to  tell if the West Village’s Mr. David Coggins typewrites or not. But better keys atop the desk than around the wrist, I always say!

Elsewhere, in Business, Times Personal Tech writer Sam Grobart ponders, “Ditch it or Keep It?” regarding digital jetsam (things purposefully thrown away to lighten a craft–or maybe a life).

His take:

LOSE: Desktop computer, point-and-shoot, camcorder, MP3 player, thumb  drive, GPS unit.


KEEP: Alarm clock, books. (Yay!)

Hmmm, nothing about my Sony TCM 5000 portable mono cassette recorder, as beloved by NPR correspondents. It weighs as much as three iPads, but has a tanklike quality and is very simple to use. Oh, and since it’s the size of a Webster’s (an ancient, paper-based dictionary), it’s impossible to misplace and functions as a doorstop/bookend between interviews. Keep!

(er, and buy 2 more, and trashpick a box of Maxell Cro II cassettes in perfect condition)



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3 responses to “NYTimes puts a typewriter pic up….

  1. I’m awaiting the Styles story with excitement and a little trepidation. Will there be a tsunami of new typists?

  2. I’m curious about the typewriter story too. When was it supposed to run?

    • Greets… a few weeks ago, I had heard that it was being handed over to the editors, “shortly.” Of course, the Times is a huge venture, so I don’t know what that means for when the story will really come out. Hope it doesn’t drive prices through the roof!

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