Leaving some words behind…

Little things to keep our minds off of the big things... pushing forward with each letter stamped into being....like oars, the typebars beat against the paper, then fall back, each movement seemingly too small to matter. But somehow, a few thoughts fill the page, and we've moved a bit closer towards the next day.



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2 responses to “Leaving some words behind…

  1. There was a Type-In out near Seattle last week, I think. I do know that Ryan (of A Treatise on Pedestrianism), Justin (of SnohomishWriter) and Manual Entry (don’t know his name) were all present and had a good time.

    I know that right after you did your Philly Type-In, there were a lot of mumblings on the PTF group talking about organizing some more. I’ve considered hosting one in Fort Wayne, IN so I don’t have to travel, and do something similar to yours, with providing paper and stamps so they can write some letters. And, if I do get something organized, I’d bring a few of my own typewriters so others can type.

    I’ve now got you on my follow list, so I can keep up with your blogging! Your falling off the wagon will no longer go unnoticed:)

  2. Hey, this is really fun to read about. Typewriter people do not sit around and say “That must have been neat.” They get going and whip up their own parties, it looks like. The Seattle one must be the right place to pull three typospereans all to the same gig.

    One cool thing is that if you toss a Type-IN, you may well have some people offering to give their typewriters to a good home… I’ve arrange a few “placements” and that is as good as getting to keep them. It also keeps the house from getting mondo cluttered!

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