Type-IN minus 1!

Okay, we’re finally seeing those RSVPs coming in for the Philly Type-IN Chapter 2; and an rideshare/car pool request from Cape May NJ…

— Jon is looking to car pool up from the southern tip of the Garden State. If you can help him out (he’s a “non-threatening 23-year-old” who will pay for gas!)…

email. jon@exitzero.us pronto, as he’s hoping not to make the long drive alone in his own otherwise empty car.

Confirmed typing machines Hermes 3000, Royal Safari, Olympia SF Cursive, 1924 Remington portable, Olympia SF Cursive, Olivetti Lettera 32, Olympia SM9, and perhaps a few others. We’ll have at least half a dozen typewriters to swap (just ourselves) and we hope to see some others, too.

Guaranteed for the swap: Two Hermes, one works, one might, both need platen knobs… a Smith-Corona, a Remington, and a new,(read  Chinese-made) Olympia Traveler C, maybe more… What models of Hermes? How much? Sorry, can’t get into those details here! Come to the typer swap at the Type-IN and all will be revealed.


If you’ve been doing this for a while… you probably have a few typewriters that you know are not really getting used the way they should. Sooooo…. load them into the car, drive carefully down to Fergie’s Pub, conveniently located next to a parking lot in Center City Philadelphia, and bring them to the swap.  (if you need any more last minute advice, just email phillytyper@gmail.com — tonite)

ALSO NOTE: we had some parents asking about an 11-year-old who digs typewriters attending… Fergie’s is a restaurant upstairs, I believe… my 12-year-old son has come in for lunch with me many times. As long as they can type (er, better than me, at least!) we’d love em to come by and even better, join the typewriter swap and etc…

cheers, mcget/phillytyper


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  1. Exciting stuff and it sounds like you’ll have a lot of fun going on there tomorrow. Make sure you share lots of pictures and if any of the attendees have blogs, you should make sure to share!

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