An embarrassment of riches

Greetings… just came back from a typewriter heaven of sorts…

here’s just a glance at about 1/5 of the collection…

Olivers, Royals, Remingtons and more....

A very nice man, Mr. Chico, is moving house, some years after closing his typewriter business.   I bought more than a dozen portables, but he still has many, many big, classic, and vintage desktops, and some IBM and Adler and etc. electrics–and a lot of mechanical adding machines.

Not shown, many many more electric adding machines, checkwriters and etc.

Here’s the rub. His place has to be cleared out by Wednesday, March 16 — the next day, a broker will buy everything that’s left at his property.

He would like to sell more machines, but only to someone who’s going to buy a decent number at a time; I don’t think he has time to meet people for onesies and twosies….

His place is about 35 miles northwest of Philadelphia, about 20 minutes from Conshohocken exit of I-76 in PA.

SO… one — go look at these pics–most of the machines are for sale–but not all, such as a few of the super rare ones….

here’s a gallery of pics I made quickly there….

If you think you can come down to Philadelphia, pronto, and are ready to snag a lot of these machines for cash,  please email me at, and I will pass along his tel. I can’t get into what I think he will charge, but based on what I paid for the ones I got, he’s very fair. Do be ready to see some cool machines that you can’t buy, as he’s not selling them all! He also has 45 jam jars full of typewriter spares and two cabinets of spare parts as well, for any repair techs out there.





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2 responses to “An embarrassment of riches

  1. Wow! That is an incredible collection indeed, and I’m glad you were able to take some of the portables home with you. I hope you find someone close by to look through the rest of the machines, although it will not be so easy to find homes for the standard typewriters. I was hoping for a closer look at the typewriters in IMG-3751 – hopefully those are the ones you landed? (Olympia Splendid, Lettera 32, ABC, etc). All spectacular finds. Time to update that typewriter roller call!

  2. Hopefully you picked up that cute little late 60’s Hermes Rocket as well (:

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