Now we are Wiki’d

In a fit of web connectivismo, have posted a small, dry listing on WIKIPEDIA titled “Type-In.”

Let the modifying, addifying, or just dignifying begin. (do feel free to add valid links, refs, chutes, ladders, etc., as it’s my first-ever wikifying)

Search for Type-In, or, er just go to:



PS  — there’s  a small entry for Typecasting–but nothing yet for “Typosphere” — so , hey, hope someone gets a definition up there in the cloud.



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3 responses to “Now we are Wiki’d

  1. Martin Rice

    Wonderful!! ’bout time typists got there due!

  2. Excellent! I’ve seen the typecasting entry before, so good call on getting type-in represented.

  3. It would be important to contribute and expand the articles, keep them up to date. I remember that some two years ago, the “typecasting” entry was on a list of articles to be removed, should they not be backed up. We seem past this point, fortunately.

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