form follows function

I WAS RELUCTANT to screw the cover back down over this simple scene of mechanical harmony.  Going on 50 years old, easy, and just seeing a bit of corrosion on that bell.

• Dig the kink in the striking arm to add a bit of force at the end of the stroke.

Who knows what typer we are looking at?

simple, functional, beautiful



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4 responses to “form follows function

  1. That casting has the finesse of an Imperial Good Companion 5, but is the wrong shape. And I don’t know if that style carried throygh to their legendary 66 desktop model (which hasn’t hit the trend curve yet but will soon, be sure). So I haven’t a clue – except the one in your reply to Richard…. wind blows…hmmm, but no, still no idea. The bell and the spot welded bracket top centre look quite Olympian, but surely an SG doesn’t look like that from below. I hope you’ll reveal the full picture soon.

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