This bit of typing will cost you…

If you’re looking for some NaNoWriMo inspiration, check the estimated bids on this Steinbeck carbon!


BTW — have we got anyone throwing their “head into the ring” for Nano Typewriter Brigade–and–has anyone considered using a different typewriter per chapter/day/character — just to add to the chaos?






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3 responses to “This bit of typing will cost you…

  1. Oh yes, the Brigade is saddling up and craziness is commencing!

    I’m actually going to do something like using a different typer per chapter; since my book is going to be about my typers, I sort of want to all be in their own words. Should be interesting if nothing else!

  2. I joined the brigade the second I heard the forum was open for business. Very exciting.

    I kind of think I will just use my SG1 for the entire thing, just so I can get a more accurate average word count per page. I would like to use a bunch, but the changes in CPI might make it difficult.

  3. Different typer per chapter hey? That sounds like an interesting idea!~

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