Type-IN, Jr. !

OK, let’s call it Type-IN, Jr.
Sat., 8 December , FERGIE’S PUB 1214 Sansom St., 2nd Fl. center city Philadelphia–4 min. walk from SEPTA Market East Station.
See notes below:




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6 responses to “Type-IN, Jr. !

  1. Whoops– it’s 1 pm to 5 pm….

  2. martin conyon

    thanks for this. Do you know where I can buy manual typewriters in philly?

  3. Greetings… I have at least two typewriters for sale at this time:

    1) Olympia SM9– a “portable” (ie, not that small, but very close to a desktop on speed and feel–a workhorse… $149. (might have two, one with an extended carriage if you really want a non-portable portable or like run on sentences….. famous as a fave of many writers including Paul Auster, whose “STORY OF MY TYPEWRITER” showcases his and in which he declares, “… the damn thing has never broken down…”

    2) Olivetti Lettera 32 “laptop” — a serious portable, favored by many reporters and authors including Cormac McCarthy, who did all his books on the same L32! The only one I have is mint with case, brush manual and all that… $249… if I find a less mint one, could well be less…

    3) May have others I can, er, bear to part with… will check the vaults….

    email me at phillytyper@gmail.com … could see them at the bike shop I work at (Trophy Bikes 3131 Walnut St. Phila am there most weekdays also sat. )

    — Mike

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