POPULAIRE to make US debut!



THE CHIC FRENCH ROM-COM WITH A SPEED-TYPING COMPETITION AT ITS HEART comes to New York Feb. 28. The New York Times reports that “Populaire”, about a “high-speed typist and her debonair boss” will come to the Paris Theater as part of a French film series.

Even better: the Weinstein Company will bring “Populaire” to the U.S. as a feature film, with a July release scheduled.

Just a place holder on their site, but here’s a link to the press kit for “Populaire.”  Have contacted Weinstein Co. about opening night type-ins!  Check those thrift stores for red carpets.  I suppose we should send some letters of encouragement to HWC for ITAM:

David Glasser, COO

The Weinstein Company, LLC

345 Hudson St.   New York, NY, 10014 





February 7, 2013 · 8:42 am

3 responses to “POPULAIRE to make US debut!

  1. Nifty! I’m looking forward to seeing the film.

  2. Mike Speegle

    I’ve literally never been so excited about seeing a film, ever.

  3. Everybody bring their typewriter!

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