A parcel has… raised my concerns

Typewriter Insurgency

“There is a box, with a bird’s head sticking out of it,” came the message from the guys at Trophy Bikes.  I’m the owner and the box stops with me.  When I saw the note tucked inside, I couldn’t ignore the situation: the Typewriter Insurgency had found me; it was time to get clacking. 2 B Continued….



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6 responses to “A parcel has… raised my concerns

  1. Yay! Typospigeon Returns to Roost!

  2. Haha, I can imagine the look on their faces when you came by to get Eugene. Hi birdie! Good to see you again!

  3. ccapra

    Hello. I’m looking to find a new home for a few typewriters. Smith Corona Sterling, Omega 1300F, Royal 10 (old one with glass sides), and a Royal KMM wide carriage. Do you know where/how I can reach interested buyers (cheap!). I’m in the South Philadelphia area. Best. -Chris

  4. I wonder what happened to the pigeon.

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