A Score, and Some Skips at the Clover Market in Ardmore PA

IMG_6154Modern Basic Typewriting was issued in Philly the same year I appeared; couldn’t resist, and the carpenter’s rule seemed like a good idea. Found at the Clover Market, a “curated” setup, which is not such a bad idea–free-for-all flea markets can have acres of warped records and shoddy 2nd-hand Ikea; the Clover stands all looked pretty good, and saw 6 or ten typers, all more or less working and all under $100, including this nice little Baby by HermesIMG_6149

which I resisted because I am a Lettera 22/32 guy — and this Remington…IMG_6150

which I could easily resist because I already have a Remington Portable 1, that I even had the platen recovered on by Cambridge Typewriter (which quieted it like 1/2 a decibel) — it is a real Polly Want a Clacker!



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2 responses to “A Score, and Some Skips at the Clover Market in Ardmore PA

  1. heh, they don’t call the Portable 1 the “noisy Noiseless” for nothing 😀

  2. Those are pretty machines.

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