Case Study

OK, here are their carapaces–what typewriters live inside these shells❓ 

Hometown Business Machines’ tech Michael Ardito had a meet-up at Trophy Bikes with Brian Kruk of Typewriters 101–here are the machines Mr. A worked on; seemed like a good oppty for a Case Study! Will post the “contents” in a day or two; let us know yr best guesses.



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4 responses to “Case Study

  1. Leigh

    I can’t even guess on some, but I’ll say (from L to R):
    Smith Corona Classic 12
    Royal Quiet Deluxe
    Royal Royalite
    Underwood something?

  2. l-r: Smith Corona Classic something-ish; Smith Corona Sterling-ish; no idea!; Olivetti-ish; Continental-ish; Remington Portable; Adler Tippa-ish.
    Basically I don’t know but it’s fun.

    • Left to Right
      Smith Corona Galaxie 12
      Smith-Corona 5-series (Silent-Super, I think)
      Wide-carriage Erika, Adler or Facit
      Dutch-made Royal
      Royal Model P
      Remington Portable
      Litton-era Tippa

  3. ’60s/’70s Smith-Corona, maybe a 12″ one
    ’50s Smith-Corona
    Remington portable (#1/#2?)
    Not sure, looks like a new handle
    Adler Tippa (S?)

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