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Ach! Not one more Schreibmaschinen of the medium persuasion.

Oh dang, for $5, really what else could I do? It followed me home this SM-3 , like five bucks these days is practically free; yes I’ve got an SM-9 (or four) , and have little use for one machine more. It may wind up on the basement shelf, next to that SG-1 that seemed lonely by itself. “Restorable,” that hopeful word, will likely send this machine, and me, up to New York and Gramercy… Sooner or later, new
platen and rollers, then back to the Wilmhelmshaven herd, gradually transforming this rowhome into Mount Olympia. It’s the only maroon two- tone Olympia I have got… Why did I get it? How could I not?


CORRECTION: Due to an editing error, a previous version of this story stated that the Olympia SM-3 was the only two-toned Olympia in Mr. McGettigan’s collection. This is incorrect, as Olympia SM-9s are generally cream and dark grey; as are the 2 Olympia SFs that Mr. McGettigan failed to even mention in his missive. The Olympia Socialite might be also, but it’s in the basement and we’re not going to check it, as that will just weaken the entire narrative even more.  Phillytyper more or less regrets the error, though we do not even feel a faded shred of regret having 9 (or is it 10?) Olympia typewriters, as some people collect Maseratis or Corkscrews and THAT is really weird, so let’s worry about them first, shall we?



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