est’d 25 Nov. 2010

Greetings… this is the first post of Phillytyper, a look at manual writing, using manual typewriting machines.

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    Here’s a first (and for real!). A few years ago, my little brother (he couldn’t afford a computer, much less a laptop) had a doozy of a “typewriter” story. I honestly couldn’t believe he would do such a thing but he saw no difference in a typewriter and a laptop! On his first flight to a job, he saw nothing wrong with taking a typewriter with him… on the plane (really!). As everyone settled in for what I’m sure they hoped to be a quiet, restful flight, he graciously stood up, took out a nice little “suitcase” all of us “t-generation” folks know and love….. as the typewriter case. As he saw others with their laptops, he saw no reason not to settle in with his typewriter, so he began his typewriter-banging (as the Laptop generation were laptop clicking…). I asked him if anyone was looking at him strangely and he innocently stated, “no, they thought I was a writer… and all the flight attendants and other passengers came by to see….” (see what?….. much more to that story). Anyhow, had to share it, as they must have thought there was a Martian on board or Stephen King in costume…. Cheers to the days of laughter over the bangity-bang-banging of the typewriter days.

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