PHILLY Type-IN, Sat., Dec. 18th

Train station pub. Vintage typing machines.  Stamped envelopes.

It’s all happening at BRIDGEWATER’S PUB inside 30th Street Station in Philadelphia, 30th & Market Streets.


SEE a choice selection of vintage writing machines. TOTE your favorite functioning manual typewriter (and maybe one or two to swap/sell).                     COMPETE in a typing contest for dinky prizes. COMPOSE a holiday letter (we’ll provide nice paper & stamped envelopes). CONSULT with an experienced typewriter tech. ENJOY the excellent kitchen & vast selection of craft beers at Bridgewater’s Pub. FREE to typewriter aficianados, but please RSVP to .

humbly sponsored by trophy bikes university city and the trophy bike garage liberties walk, northern liberties

download poster below!:



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One response to “PHILLY Type-IN, Sat., Dec. 18th

  1. So, the Philadelphia Weekly’s going to do a preview, looks like….
    so here’s what I said (could this be previewing the preview?):

    ” So… I’ve had manual typewriters from time to time, typed on my dad’s, and got my job as a columnist for the Philadelphia City Paper after sending a typewritten letter to editor Chris Hill. Of course, like everybody else in the Western World, I now have a Palm Pixi, an iPod Touch, two macBooks and a big iMac . But in the past year, I got the itch to type again–physically, without electricity, you know? So thanks to the internet, I was able to find some nice manual typewriters and it’s a great break from those buzzing machines. This Type-IN is a bit like a jam session–just to see who else is out there and compare notes–and maybe get some ad hoc writing done in a great environment. Maybe someone will bring a nice typewriter that I can admire or buy. And if you stop by and you hear keys clacking, you know we’re writing, we’re not playing Angry Birds or watching a video of a kitten falling off a pillow or checking our schedule. On a typewriter–you typewrite. You’ve gotta love that.”

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