Type-IN gets some attention….

SO… looks like Cory Doctorow’s tech blog BOING BOING has a mention here. Ditto for MAKE Magazine over here.

Though MAKE did  stick a question mark on “A Pleasant Afternoon of Manual Typing?” which in point of  fact it could be agonizing for our computer softened fingers for some of us if we get carried away. I know I personally am only good for a letter or two at the moment–though my ability to backspace and type XXXX is improving by leaps and bounds.

Also just got off the telephone with the Philadelphia Daily News and have had a nice email chat with a Philadelphia  Weekly reporter…. so Le Type-IN, as they’re probably calling it overseas, is becoming less obscure by the minute!


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One response to “Type-IN gets some attention….

  1. Matt

    It’s great to see the “Type-In” getting some attention!

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