Typewriter Roller Call–as I.T.A.M. ends

With just 90 minutes before the first International Typewriter Appreciation Month closes, here’s a sheet that’s traveled through all my typers

For pictures to match, see “Too Many Typers?”, above.  Cheers, mcget.

One sheet, a dozen platens, er, a few typos.



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7 responses to “Typewriter Roller Call–as I.T.A.M. ends

  1. first-rate post. I would say if you can get them all on one sheet there are not yet enough – certainly not too many!
    How does the lid open on your classic 12? and if it’s not too much trouble what’s the serial no.?
    I have a ton of Olympias but not yet an SF :-[

  2. I love the roller call!

  3. Got to like #7 the best, can’t beat the cursive SF. What is it with the small-ish SM9 typeface, anyway?

    • Not sure what the purpose was… I suppose it was to appeal to business owners and bureaucrats… like a high miles-per-gallon car… a better WPP– Words Per Page means you save BIG on paper costs with the Olympia Sm 9!

  4. No such thing as too many typewriters! You’re making the rest of us sound crazy… hang in there, we’re all in this together 🙂

    Absolutely lovely Olympia SF cursive – but you knew I’d say that! You’re very fortunate to have found one on eBay for a reasonable price; that’s where I got mine too, actually.

    Point taken about the contact information being hard to find; I’ve adopted your bright idea and added a page to my blog as well. Hoping to keep the paper mail action going long after ITAM!

    • Er, yes–that was my feeling partly because I had to lug them all around while doing the roller call. Other times, I remember my dad’s sardonic comment to someone about their stack of items (dang, can’t remember what)…

      They said, “I have 22 ” and my dad said, “Ah, the nucleus of a collection!”

      Which is more how I feel today.

  5. This was fun! As seems to be my usual these days, my eyes are immediately drawn to the plain yet very attractive Olivetti typeface. I *will* own a Lettera 22 or 32 someday. But as everyone says, the cursive is lovely!

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