life imitates LIFE (magazine)

Olivetti? Check. Deviled eggs? Check. 1/2 pint of Stout? Checked and correct!



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6 responses to “life imitates LIFE (magazine)

  1. Bravo for making your public typing debut(?) in such a worthwhile place. I know you and the Lettera kicked the ambiance of that place up a few notches at least. Pints of Double Chocolate Stout? Sounds like the ideal place for a type-in…

  2. Yay for public typing! 😀

  3. Rule 1 – pick a noisy place
    Rule 2 – don’t ask
    Rule 3 – you got that, tip well

    very nice photo

  4. The photo is wonderful. Olivettis are great for public typing. I took mine out today, and was a little nervous that the people in the cafe would mind, but nope.

  5. Rob

    Superb! Performance!

    • Well, my appearance at the Pub couldn’t have happened without the efforts of so many other talented people–I’d like to thank Surly Bicycles, Ortlieb Bags, Tubus Racks, the men and women of Olivetti Barcelona who made my machine many years ago and of course, those great British brewers who came up with Stout, Porter and the other formulas which are so effective at treating overexposure to our modern times. I look forward to many more clackings. Cheers and see you in the pub (cafe, library, park, day care, etc.) !

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