17 syllables; and a lament

where haiku happened

Above, at his typewriter, the Haiku master Nick Virgilio.

He wrote this:

My spring love affair

The old upright Remington

Wears a new ribbon


See more of his work and a lovely typed letter to another poet at


which is where the above picture came from.


And I had better confess with these three dashed off lines–

Cold December chills

Fifty thousand orphaned words

Failed NaNoWriMo!





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6 responses to “17 syllables; and a lament

  1. Hi! I always read your blog, i love it! And typewriters too! I congratulate you on your blog, it’s really interesting.
    Greetings from Spain!

  2. There’s always next year (:

  3. Thanks for calling my attention to Nick Virgilio’s work. I’ve always enjoyed haiku.

    Somehow I am not surprised that he used typewriters to create this art!

  4. I love Haiku and It’s now pretty exactly one year ago when I first discovered it – In a Robert Ludlum novel. They actually were one of the reasons to buy my first typewriter… Below, there’s one I wrote this spring.
    abend im garten/klackern der schreibmaschine/quaken der frösche
    Rough translation:
    evening in garden/clacking of the typewriter/croaking of the frogs

  5. Patrick Sweeney

    Nick Virgilio was also known as “Nickaphonic Nick”…back in the good old Philly days…He spun records for Jerry Blavat, Geator with the Heater…Nick truly was a haiku master.

    out of water
    out of itself

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