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Tech Guy with Typewriter

Hmmm; this latest Phillymag story profiles the founders of Technically Philly; That’s Chris Wink, with a classic manual (Remington?) typewriter, on the left! (And Brian James Kirk with a Mac laptop on the right)   Will try to find out what the story is here and let you all know.

UPDATE: Often, typewriters are used as symbolic props, brought to the shoot by stylists. Not this one. The vintage, compact Underwood in the picture was gifted to Mr. Wink years ago by his grandfather, who has since died. He typed, simply,”Hello Christopher” to his grandson; that page is still in the machine, which now graces the newsroom of Technically Philly’s HQ. Our thanks for Chris for the lovely story behind the picture.

Photo by Philadelphia Photographer Gene Smirnov

Clack vs. Click?

Clack vs. Click?


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Kids Collide with Typewriters

Here’s an interesting episode on Kids Devour Technology — where a group of open minded kids get some time with some “ancient typing machines.”  Halfway through, ha— “I love this and I want to keep it, actually…” says one. The  unseen narrator tries to paint typewriter use as a primitive privation, though… of course, it’s a TV kids’ “educational show,” so let’s no be too hard on them. Any typewriter exposure is generally a Good Thing.

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Type-IN: NYC ! Sunday, April 21st –in Manhattan; location TBA



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17 syllables; and a lament

where haiku happened

Above, at his typewriter, the Haiku master Nick Virgilio.

He wrote this:

My spring love affair

The old upright Remington

Wears a new ribbon


See more of his work and a lovely typed letter to another poet at


which is where the above picture came from.


And I had better confess with these three dashed off lines–

Cold December chills

Fifty thousand orphaned words

Failed NaNoWriMo!




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