Type-IN: NYC ! Sunday, April 21st –in Manhattan; location TBA




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6 responses to “Type-IN: NYC ! Sunday, April 21st –in Manhattan; location TBA

  1. Here’s the situation: a major network news story is coming up, about the neo-typewriting scene, and also in anticipation of POPULAIRE, the new French rom-com-typing film, hitting the U.S. this summer.

    A news producer said they’d be interested in attending a Type-IN, should one happen in NYC.

    Well, of course, why not have one in early Spring, and do it in the city where perhaps more great books were banged out on typewriters than any other?

    We are in torrid negotiations with a number of Manhattan venues and expect to announce the location later this week. Please RSVP to: nyctyper@gmail.com and phillytyper@gmail.com with your particulars, esp. what sort of typewriter you plan to bring, and if you are bringing a typewriter to swap.

    thanks and see you in the Big Apple!
    — mcget / phillytyper

  2. Wish I could be there. Good for you for setting it up.

    I like the term “neo-typing”!

  3. Added this Type in to the Type-In Page: http://type-in.org/
    let us know when you nail down a venue and time. (:

  4. RN

    Perhaps I’m grouchy tonight, but this seems artificial to me. That being said, enjoy it. Sadly, I’ll be out of town.
    Rob N.

    • Hmmm… Well,
      Typewriters are artificial , as are New York, tinsel and maraschino cherries! We’ll do our best to have an authentic good time– but I will probably wear a red necktie as that ‘pops’ nicely on the TeeVee… Also starting to saute up some sound bites in the old brain pan…
      — my goal will be to not be able to tell what just came to me and what coifed quips were plucked from the shelf…
      — cheers , mcget

    • heh, any excuse for a type-in is a good one 😀

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