Royal Sighting at the Beach


Sadly , this machine is a “Rapunzel” ; trapped in a home decor shop in Avalon’s posher neighbor, Stone Harbor.
Perhaps someday, she could weave her ribbon into a rope, allowing an admirer to climb over the transom and, inky- fingered, declare, “Yon lifeboat is but a toy– not thee. You were meant to put words upon alabaster sheets, giving substance to my silent whims… Let me lift thee ( oof-dah, she’s a heavy one!) and carry you to my writing shack”
Next morning, the puzzled owner of Shore de’Couer would scratch her head , wondering what had been there and left those four little square dents on the panel of the show window. Finally, she will give up and put a Taiwan- made replica of a milk can to fill the spot.



August 7, 2012 · 9:18 pm

5 responses to “Royal Sighting at the Beach

  1. Rapunzel! I like that term… Nice. Looks like a beautiful typer though.

  2. Just love the way that post is written, for no particular reason, just had to compliment you.

  3. Actually, that came to me in a previous career (piano tuner, if you can believe that!) … for the beautiful, untouched instruments–usually baby grands and grands, that graced the homes of the rich folk and went unplayed between my annual or semi-annual tunings. How could I tell?

    Easy — piano keys have felt bushings that keep them centered on pins… they snug up if left unplayed… even playing a key five or six times fast will loosen them up… but I’d come in, set my tools down and each key would take a bit of a push on that first playing… have to believe that the piano could feel some relief at its action moving again, getting the stiffness out.
    We tuners would talk somewhat ironically about “Yeah, have a couple ‘furniture’ jobs out in Devon.” — meaning the quality of our job was not too vital as the instrument was in a musician-free home, only getting played by visitors, if that.
    At times I wished I could somehow make a full-sized replica of glossy painted chipboard, and swap the actual piano into the apartment of a starving classical or jazz player!

  4. Bill M

    Nice name for the typewriter. It should have had some golden paper to let down for you to rescue it.

    I’d be nice to have room for a piano. I’d play it though. What good is a musical instrument of any kind (unless it is not able to be used) just to have sit some place to look at it????

  5. Michael

    Really nice little vignette. “Rapunzel”, silent whim”, alabaster sheets”, “oof-dah”, “replica of a milk can”, …. The whole scene. Thanks.

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