Typer-Spotting in Brooklyn…


This Underwood had a stereo pic jammed between the platen and the ribbon lifter… Not sure if it was a prop or just not priced yet.
This was at the DeKalb Market, a beautiful, doomed little food and shopping district made of shipping containers. A developer let them use the space, but now has a project and so the pie shops, crafters and vintage joints must be gone by the end of September.
How crazy would it be to have a Type-In there (they have a great little picnic space around the back) before the end?
— mcget



August 19, 2012 · 8:18 pm

3 responses to “Typer-Spotting in Brooklyn…

  1. Nice little scene — I like the stereo view of the Brooklyn Bridge.

  2. I live in Brooklyn and I have a lot of trouble finding any typewriters. Where were you?

    • Greets… that was at the DeKalb Market in Brooklyn…
      BUT… you might also try searching for Donna Brady Type B typewriters, as well as Gramercy Typewriters….


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