Type-IN press release + corrected poster

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 Sat.  December 8th.  1-5 p.m.

Fergie’s Pub 1214 Sansom St.   Philadelphia PA

FREE (with manual typewriter OR stamped envelope!)

info:  www.phillytyper.com

Remember that cheery click-clickety-clack, -ding! ?  That meant someone was tapping out a letter, or a term paper, or even a novel on a manual typewriter.  On Saturday, Dec. 8th, the sounds of analog writing return at the 3rd Annual Type-IN.  Dust off* that old Remington, Olivetti or Smith-Corona; tote it to Fergie’s Pub in center city Philadelphia for this “Jam session for manual typewriters & the people who love them,” as organizer Michael McGettigan dubs it.

Back in 2010, McGettigan invited manual typewriter fans to Bridgewater’s (a classic Philly pub) to display their classic writing machines, take part in a speed typing challenge, bang out some letters and maybe even have a beer. That first Type-IN got national media attention; since then, dozens of Type-INs have popped up around the US, and more recently in Italy and Switzerland.

As in past Type-INs, there will be a speed typewriting competition “with chintzy prizes” McGettigan notes.  Bring loved-ones’ addresses for a holiday letter-typing session (free stationery and postage provided).  The event will wrap up with a typewriter swap–bring an extra machine (working only, no electrics, please)or two to trade.  

The event is free (with manual typewriter –or stamped envelope) and open to all ages.

pdf follows, feel free to print it out and stick it up at your local thrift store or coffee dive:





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5 responses to “Type-IN press release + corrected poster

  1. The drawing on the poster is just wonderful! Check it out, everyone.

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  3. I’ll be coming on Saturday and it will be my first Type-In. I’m even bringing a friend though she has no typewriter. I hope to change that before the day is over.

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