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Type-IN press release + corrected poster

NEWS for events/calendar/feature and obsolete technology editors:

contact: phillytyper@gmail.com


 Sat.  December 8th.  1-5 p.m.

Fergie’s Pub 1214 Sansom St.   Philadelphia PA

FREE (with manual typewriter OR stamped envelope!)

info:  www.phillytyper.com

Remember that cheery click-clickety-clack, -ding! ?  That meant someone was tapping out a letter, or a term paper, or even a novel on a manual typewriter.  On Saturday, Dec. 8th, the sounds of analog writing return at the 3rd Annual Type-IN.  Dust off* that old Remington, Olivetti or Smith-Corona; tote it to Fergie’s Pub in center city Philadelphia for this “Jam session for manual typewriters & the people who love them,” as organizer Michael McGettigan dubs it.

Back in 2010, McGettigan invited manual typewriter fans to Bridgewater’s (a classic Philly pub) to display their classic writing machines, take part in a speed typing challenge, bang out some letters and maybe even have a beer. That first Type-IN got national media attention; since then, dozens of Type-INs have popped up around the US, and more recently in Italy and Switzerland.

As in past Type-INs, there will be a speed typewriting competition “with chintzy prizes” McGettigan notes.  Bring loved-ones’ addresses for a holiday letter-typing session (free stationery and postage provided).  The event will wrap up with a typewriter swap–bring an extra machine (working only, no electrics, please)or two to trade.  

The event is free (with manual typewriter –or stamped envelope) and open to all ages.

pdf follows, feel free to print it out and stick it up at your local thrift store or coffee dive:





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OK– we have a poster for the Type-IN — next stop — copy shop!

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November 15, 2012 · 9:05 am

Towards a 21st-Century Typewriter?

Is a 21st Century Typewriter Possible?


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Two Mature Technologies Walk Into A Bar…

Oh, so sorry for the long delay in posting here… stuck in ActualSpace, neglecting PixelSpace.

So… one day I realized that both typewriters and cassette recorders have this ribbon-y thing running through them, back and forth.

Both are chunky, and both create permanent artifacts. Both are occasionally feeling a bit, er, neglected under a wave of glowing tablets.

So, let’s invite fans of both to a cozy bar (restaurant, too, so yes Matt “Manyfingers” Cidoni, you are legal/invited!) in Philly, I thought, and called Mr. Fergus Carey before I could re-think. Fergie of course being Fergie, said, “Why not?” and now hello Tape N Type.   A Type-IN, but louder.    Activities will include: (but are not limited to) : Typing Speed Competition with wifty prizes, Mystery Mixtape Box (“One Tape Enters, One Tape Leaves”), Headphone Charades, Typewriter/Boom Box Swap, Instant Interviews and no doubt more. Bring Typewriters, Audio Cassettes and machines to play same, headphones/earbuds, journalist-style portable tape decks, Carbon Paper, and mixtapes to toss in said MM Box.

WHEN: Sat., 15 Oct. 2-6 pm

WHERE: Fergie’s Pub 1214 Sansom St., downtown Philadelphia, just blocks from Market East Station.

PRICE: Free, if you’re carrying anything relevant to the above list of Mature Technologies!

RSVP to phillytyper@gmail.com.

Here’s the poster below as a pdf



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Philly Type-IN, Chapter Two

Philly Type-IN, Chapter Two--wherein we type up a nice Olivetti Valentine's Day note!

OK, some updates. One, if you think you are going to win the Typing Competition Speed Challenge, you better keep practicing–word has it that  Matt “Manyfingers” Cidoni will be coming to this second Type-IN. Matt dusted everyone at the last Type-IN with his brilliant command of the keyboard. So be on your game or get left behind.

Two–What is a Typewriter Roll Call? Hint: you need a little paper and a lot of typewriters to accomplish one. And we aim to do a proper TRC at this next Philly Type-IN. If you can RSVP with the make(s) and model(s) of the typewriters you are bringing, that will help us a bit as we work over our detailed seating chart! RSVP to phillytyper@gmail.com.  More than that we can not say.

Finally, we’d really like to see a bit more swappiness on the 5th–Sooo… if you see a nice typer at a thrift store, or you’re looking to thin your herd, or get some new machines — do bring some extra typers to trade.


— mcget/the Type-IN.


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