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IBM in the Ivy League

Matriculated! Or curated, at any rate…. The Institute of Contemporary Art ( icaphila.org )at the University of Pennsylvania wanted visitors to their 50th Anniversary Exhibition (now through Aug. 17.) to be able to type their thoughts. Left an Olympia SM-9, a massive Olympia SG-1, and an IBM Selectric II to choose from… They went with the Selectric–still period correct, certainly a design classic worthy of the ICA and impossible to jam. Will monitor the scene and see what gets typed….


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Alan Lomax’s SELECTRIC II up for sale

It’s beautiful, it’s blue and it belonged to the legendary musicologist and folklorist Alan Lomax.

On eBay right now,  no bids yet, someone please  buy it–so I don’t!        Here’s the link.

And here’s the machine:

LOMAX selectric

What a nice color… same as the one in the snowy field that Hunter S. Thompson menaced with a shiny pistol. This one probably had a much calmer existence!





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Towards a 21st-Century Typewriter?

Is a 21st Century Typewriter Possible?


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