Some Type-IN NYC pictures!

Greetings, Mr. Steven Huang, co-producer of this past Sunday’s Type-IN NYC, took time to make some good photographs from the event.

Find them HERE.


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2 responses to “Some Type-IN NYC pictures!

  1. That Olympia with the SS on the keyboard is quite something!

    • There is an amazing backstory to that machine, BTW.

      Owner Bryan Kruk — bought it at a yard sale in NJ. It was in a field case painted US Army drab, with a name and what looked like a US Army serial on it.

      He did some research and found it was brought back to the states by a G.I. This typewriter was captured by US forces and used during the war, when all typewriter production was stopped, and every machine was precious.

      A rare example of a typewriter fighting on both sides of a conflict!

      Big thanks to Bryan and his family for traveling a long way to the Type-IN and bringing this unique Olympia.

      Mr. Kruk has two awesome typewriter sites:


      both of which have some great pics and machines for sale as well.

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