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Another Analog Event–PUBLETTERS

While plotting and planning the next Type-IN, have cooked up an even humbler, less techno event–still set in a pub, since a person can get thirsty. It’s called PUBLETTERS.

Visit for the sketchy details, and if you’re near Philadelphia, please come

by DOOBIES BAR on a Tuesday in July. BTW — if you can’t make it, but you’d like us to write

you a letter, send your mailing address  to Thanks!



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TWO TYPE-INs coming to Philadelphia: 13 Sept. + 19 Oct.



SO– Here’s the scoop: first one (Friday, 19 Sept.)  is a big benefit to help make the 215 Lit Fest happen. So it costs money (a cool twenty), but you will have a good time in a bookstore like you have never seen.There will be typewriters, including an Olivetti Lettera 32 on auction, and other goodies.


Second one (Sat., 19 October) is part and parcel of the 215 Fest, which will bring a great array of literary and musical talent to Philadelphia. It’s outside, free and will feature amplified typewriter haiku… among other things! DETAILS SOON.




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Some Type-IN NYC pictures!

Greetings, Mr. Steven Huang, co-producer of this past Sunday’s Type-IN NYC, took time to make some good photographs from the event.

Find them HERE.


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