(international typewriter day meets) Bike n’ Type ‘n Eat ? !

FLASH: Steven Huang, the organizer of the Foldie Foodie (a ride in which folder bike fans explore NYC eateries) has recently become a typewriter gee– , er, aficionado.  (Steven co-produced the recent Manhattan Type-IN)  He realized that there was a conflict, with one of his rides taking place on International Typewriter Day.  Thus, in an audacious, Solomonic, cross-technological move, Mr. H has hybridized his ride, so to speak, arranging to have typewriters at each of the restaurants the ride visits. When? Well, tomorrow, SUNDAY, June 23rd.  

If you have a folder bike, like typing, or eating or all three (sequentially, not simultaneously!), this could be your cup of ramen.  Find out more here:   www.brommieyummie.com


I am 50% likely to come up from Philadelphia with my folder bike and a Lettera 22. Things like this don’t happen every day, y’know.








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3 responses to “(international typewriter day meets) Bike n’ Type ‘n Eat ? !

  1. Now that is a specialized confluence of interests … but NYC is big enough that there should be a good attendance!

  2. Mike, I’m putting together a series of 8 postcards of typweriter-related graphics to promote typosphere.net (and share a little joy). I wondered if you’d like/allow me to include your Type-In poster from December 2012? I already have your hi-res pdf so you wouldn’t have to lift a finger. The details are here: http://typewriterheaven.blogspot.co.uk/2013/06/post-cards-from-typosphere.html

    Very best wishes, Rob

  3. Hi Mike, having trouble making a comment ‘stick’ on your blog. I’m producing a series of 8 postcards to promote typosphere.net and would love to include your poster for the Dec. 2012 type in – albeit at A6 size. Would you be happy for that. I have your hi-res pdf already. Print run will be 100 sets and contributors get a set gratis. The rest will be sold and shipped at around cost price. Full details here: http://typewriterheaven.blogspot.co.uk/2013/06/post-cards-from-typosphere.html

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