Without Whom None of This Would Have Been Plausible

Of course, let’s start with Mom*  and Dad as the first light cards against that black hole of an empty Rolodex 2400 (Made in Secaucus, NJ) , and yes, that eraser is blocking mum’s maiden name as we know many fiendish, identity-swiping super-criminals start their day by skimming Phillytyper!

If you’re out there, super-criminals, do please contact me care of this blog; I would be very receptive to swapping lifestyles on a crash basis–as tomorrow is trash day, and the kitchen tiles are buckling.

* Note that Ruth McGettigan is still with us at 90-plus; most recently she told me, “I got one of those old Ouija Boards — but nobody will play it with me,” and laughed.


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One response to “Without Whom None of This Would Have Been Plausible

  1. I might be able to provide you with some super-villain contacts to put IN the Rolodex…

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