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Found myself selling some excess typers at the FRANKLIN FLEA in Philadelphia — a nice gal from Singapore and her entourage took turns trying out the machines. She bought an inexpensive Traveler C to bring back home… and will be bringing a Type-IN to Singapore, I predict.



PS– if you’re near Philadelphia on SAT, Dec. 21, stop by the FRANKLIN FLEA to check out my booth full of manual typewriters, slide rules, Rolodexes and Filofaxes, Cassette machines and more.  (801 Market St., 10-5pm — 45 vintage dealers–and me)


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Without Whom None of This Would Have Been Plausible

Of course, let’s start with Mom*  and Dad as the first light cards against that black hole of an empty Rolodex 2400 (Made in Secaucus, NJ) , and yes, that eraser is blocking mum’s maiden name as we know many fiendish, identity-swiping super-criminals start their day by skimming Phillytyper!

If you’re out there, super-criminals, do please contact me care of this blog; I would be very receptive to swapping lifestyles on a crash basis–as tomorrow is trash day, and the kitchen tiles are buckling.

* Note that Ruth McGettigan is still with us at 90-plus; most recently she told me, “I got one of those old Ouija Boards — but nobody will play it with me,” and laughed.

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