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What’s Slower than Snail Mail?


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September 4, 2013 · 11:21 pm

Keep A Sharp Lookout

Can’t wait to try Mr. J’s Words in Flight method of airmail. BUT for the nonce, will stick with another medium of transport–the river near my home.
Tossing in the missive here–yes, it’s not completed yet-figure that if Typosphereans could read the whole thing online, they might not bother reaching out to grab this half-sized bottle–still containing a few drops of good Ouzo! (from Plomari ) And– ha-on the company’s website–their contact page shows paper rolled up in a bottle–bit of authorization for this move.
-/ mcget- phillytyper


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Unidentified Flying Opus

Burst the balloon: Conceptual artist Jordan Johnson ties helium balloons to signed and numbered pages so that they fly away when he is finished typing them. Happening today, 3 September in (where else?) Brooklyn, NY.


By Jordan Johnson.

Well, with the price of stamps these days, will not be surprised if this catches on all over the typosphere !

Johnson will be launching his missives today at the Marathon of Speeches in Brooklyn. This Brooklyn Paper article has a bit more–er, except the time. Have resolved to: 1) Shamelessly borrow this idea for the October Type-IN;  2) Type and send a quick letter using a similar method and slightly different medium of travel. More on that in the next post.


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TWO TYPE-INs coming to Philadelphia: 13 Sept. + 19 Oct.



SO– Here’s the scoop: first one (Friday, 19 Sept.)  is a big benefit to help make the 215 Lit Fest happen. So it costs money (a cool twenty), but you will have a good time in a bookstore like you have never seen.There will be typewriters, including an Olivetti Lettera 32 on auction, and other goodies.


Second one (Sat., 19 October) is part and parcel of the 215 Fest, which will bring a great array of literary and musical talent to Philadelphia. It’s outside, free and will feature amplified typewriter haiku… among other things! DETAILS SOON.




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Embarrassed at a Party


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August 16, 2013 · 11:41 am

Questioning my 2nd guesses


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August 15, 2013 · 10:19 pm

“…with a few strokes on the keys…”


“… that sit before her, she can send a person away for life in prison. A typist in a New York City Police Department precinct, Rose is like a high priestess….”

From the blurb,this novel comes off as noir as the digits of a steno who just finished swapping ribbons on a roomful of Remingtons, if you get my drift.

I spotted it at the New & Noteworthy table of a national book chain I’d rather not name. Want to know more? Take a hike over to your local indy bookstore and run the title past the chick at the counter.  Bring a pal or three, OK?  And don’t say I sent you.

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June 9, 2013 · 6:45 pm

Should be tonight on NBC Nightly News @ 6 or 6:30!

Well, dang — here’s the link

Nice montage– Tom Hanks, the Pope and me —  ha!


OH– and a nice, web-only piece about Magic Margins and Ryan Adney, Right Here.



May 19, 2013 · 5:15 pm

Stopping to snip the roses



May 6, 2013 · 9:06 pm

New PBS drama packed with cool, super-smart women–and typewriters!

Here is one of the original code-breaking women of Bletchly, in a vintage photo.

Some of the original code-breaking women of Bletchley, in a vintage photo.

Must-watch TV — Last Sunday, the Bletchley Circle debuted on PBS.  It follows the adventures of the unsung, code-breaking women of Bletchley into their post-war years. They re-unite to find and stop a serial killer. It features grungy, secret offices packed with obscure typewriters, flying fingers and terse conversation among sharp, seriously quirky women with great accents. They ride into London inside astonishingly beautiful train cars.  In other words, geek Valhalla.  Here’s a link. (yes, you can watch the first episode online)


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