Case Study REVEALED!

Ok, here are the machines inside each of those cases–from Left to Right:

SCM “Galaxy; SCM “Sterling”; Facit; Singer “Scholastic”; Royal “Model P”; Remington “Portable Model One”, Royal “Sahara.”

My sincere apologies for not getting a pic of these machines lined up… too busy yakking with Messrs. Ardito and Kruk.

HOWEVER… I think every one of these machines is up on Mr. Bryan Kruk’s Typewriters 101 page in the FOR SALE section. Click here to check them out! 


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Case Study

OK, here are their carapaces–what typewriters live inside these shells❓ 

Hometown Business Machines’ tech Michael Ardito had a meet-up at Trophy Bikes with Brian Kruk of Typewriters 101–here are the machines Mr. A worked on; seemed like a good oppty for a Case Study! Will post the “contents” in a day or two; let us know yr best guesses.


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So Long Philadelphia City Paper…

A real case of on-the-job training: got my first job as a newsguy (from a letter to the editor clacked out on an IBM electric) at the Philadelphia City Paper, which put out its 1,584th–and final issue today. It was great to get a mention inside from my editor Chris Hill, -and-to see founding publisher Bruce Schimmel’s old Royal typewriter on their last cover. 



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A Score, and Some Skips at the Clover Market in Ardmore PA

IMG_6154Modern Basic Typewriting was issued in Philly the same year I appeared; couldn’t resist, and the carpenter’s rule seemed like a good idea. Found at the Clover Market, a “curated” setup, which is not such a bad idea–free-for-all flea markets can have acres of warped records and shoddy 2nd-hand Ikea; the Clover stands all looked pretty good, and saw 6 or ten typers, all more or less working and all under $100, including this nice little Baby by HermesIMG_6149

which I resisted because I am a Lettera 22/32 guy — and this Remington…IMG_6150

which I could easily resist because I already have a Remington Portable 1, that I even had the platen recovered on by Cambridge Typewriter (which quieted it like 1/2 a decibel) — it is a real Polly Want a Clacker!


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The Hero wields a Typewriter: See the Trailer!


Lots of heroic hunt n’ peck — on a Hermes Ambassador (I think), among others! TRUMBO — coming to theaters everywhere!


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Typewriter Symbol

From a package of Spring Typing Paper (ca 1970s?), made in Roaring Spring, PA. That’s all for today.

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Typewriting the TOUR de FRANCE!

Incredible PELOTON story of an Italian reporter and his Olivetti Lettera 32 at the Tour de Frace, still a team after decades of covering cycling and other sports.

Reporter Gianni MURA covers Le Tour using his Olivetti Lettera 32.  STORY and PHOTOs by James STARTT.

Reporter Gianni MURA covers Le Tour using his Olivetti Lettera 32. STORY and PHOTOs by James STARTT.

Great writing and soulful pictures for Peloton by photojournalist James Startt.  Tomorrow I am going to write something about this great race on my Lettera 32; so inspiring! The Lettera 32 was always a favorite for on-the-scene reporting; there are great shots of it being used in Vietnam, and ringside at some of the greatest Ali fights.   ICYMI — here is a boss NYT story about James Startt and how he covers the world’s longest sporting event. Great stuff. Thanks, Gianni and James for getting out there and bringing the race stories to us.

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