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Elmore Leonard; he “left out the parts that readers tend to skip.”



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August 21, 2013 · 10:10 am

Stiff shoulder…


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January 27, 2013 · 11:27 pm

OK, Seal of Geek Approval!

Geekadelphia was nice enough to mention us TWICE on their website,

First, the Type-IN Jr. (SAT., Dec. 8th) — at Fergie’s Pub, 1214 Sansom St., 1pm-5pm.

( should you Wonder What Exactly Happens at a Type-IN, Click HERE!  )

BUT ALSO, they mentioned the following week’s OBSOLETE DEVOTION Analog Holiday Sale (Dec. 14-15-16, Fri-Sat-Sun) — which is what you do when you wind up with way too many pieces of Tech Classic. (typewriters, Rolodexes, Polaroid Cameras, Filofaxes and Etc.) You sell some so you can make room for more…

That happens from 6-9 p.m. This Fri-Sat-Sun. at Trophy Bikes University City, 3131 Walnut St.,  Philadelphia

(special note for Fountain Pen fanatics–sorry, we now only have a few, new Lamys for sale)

Or click below for the video version…

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Hulking Desktop

Here’s a ’50s (?) Olympia SG-1, nicely gone over by Gramercy Typewriter (had my other one repaired by Tom at Cambridge up in Boston) and boy, is this thing solid. If I was a big heavy desk top, I’d certainly welcome a chance to get out of the house, so will definitely be lugging one of these fellows to the Type-IN on December 8th... heh, have to mention it again….

BTW, this picture comes by its flare and graininess honestly–taken on Kodak Tri-X running through a ZEISS IKON Contessa folding 35mm rangefinder (also mid-1950s, just like the Olympias), with, er, a bit of fogging in the lens, and a shutter that gives you 1/25 at the 1/60 setting — but it’s a charming camera and the junk man only wanted $20, so….

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Type-IN press release + corrected poster

NEWS for events/calendar/feature and obsolete technology editors:



 Sat.  December 8th.  1-5 p.m.

Fergie’s Pub 1214 Sansom St.   Philadelphia PA

FREE (with manual typewriter OR stamped envelope!)


Remember that cheery click-clickety-clack, -ding! ?  That meant someone was tapping out a letter, or a term paper, or even a novel on a manual typewriter.  On Saturday, Dec. 8th, the sounds of analog writing return at the 3rd Annual Type-IN.  Dust off* that old Remington, Olivetti or Smith-Corona; tote it to Fergie’s Pub in center city Philadelphia for this “Jam session for manual typewriters & the people who love them,” as organizer Michael McGettigan dubs it.

Back in 2010, McGettigan invited manual typewriter fans to Bridgewater’s (a classic Philly pub) to display their classic writing machines, take part in a speed typing challenge, bang out some letters and maybe even have a beer. That first Type-IN got national media attention; since then, dozens of Type-INs have popped up around the US, and more recently in Italy and Switzerland.

As in past Type-INs, there will be a speed typewriting competition “with chintzy prizes” McGettigan notes.  Bring loved-ones’ addresses for a holiday letter-typing session (free stationery and postage provided).  The event will wrap up with a typewriter swap–bring an extra machine (working only, no electrics, please)or two to trade.  

The event is free (with manual typewriter –or stamped envelope) and open to all ages.

pdf follows, feel free to print it out and stick it up at your local thrift store or coffee dive:




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OK– we have a poster for the Type-IN — next stop — copy shop!

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November 15, 2012 · 9:05 am

Type-IN, Jr. !

OK, let’s call it Type-IN, Jr.
Sat., 8 December , FERGIE’S PUB 1214 Sansom St., 2nd Fl. center city Philadelphia–4 min. walk from SEPTA Market East Station.
See notes below:



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Can Analogitivity Be Taught?

Is Manual Labor a For-Credit Subject?

So, a friend has a miniature academy called MindSpot, where Philadelphians (or those who can get to Philadelphia) learn about: Pencils, Scriptwriting, better iPhone photography and many other skills in one-session  evening classes.

Have decided to offer Introduction to Analog Living, in which I will gather a series of “obsolete” items in one room and explain how they all could more or less make your life better if they were part of it again.

Tentative list:

Rolodex 500

Sony TC-D5 pro cassette deck

My First Sony Cassette Box

Olivetti Lettera 32

Olympia SM 9

Olympia SG-1

Nikon F4

Olympus XA

Lamy Safari Fountain Pen

Filofax Luxe, Personal

Polaroid SX-70

We will run through the operation of all these companions, without the aid of wi-fi or high-speed connections, then consider where and how to reintroduce said devices into every day life, and what to expect when they bump up against the virtual world.

While most typospherians may not need this sort of re-refresher course, you may know someone who would enjoy a survey-style experience; pass it along if you like.

Here’s a link, since there’s not enough time to send me an SASE, heh!

In other news — yes, there will be a Third Annual TYPE-IN in Philadelphia, early December–date/location TBA.


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Drinking and Typing at America's Oldest Press Club


 Sometimes beer is a muse, sometimes it’s just a beverage. On April 27th, find out at an evening of typing fueled by craft brews from the U.S., Italy and Germany–with typewriters from those same countries.  We’ll also have a great beer-tasting, hosting the the Philadelphia Daily News’ Beer Reporter, Joe Sixpack.  $15 covers the tasting and some tasty snacks–bring a working manual typewriter and it’s just $10.  (we’ll provide nice stationery, stamped envelopes and a  copy of “The Writer’s Sidekick” — a hard-boiled thesaurus cooked up behind prison walls!)


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Shift into TyPerSpAcE 27-28 April •• Philly


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